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PS5 Pro leaked specs show how it could crush the Xbox Series X

PS5 Pro leaked specs show how it could crush the Xbox Series X


According to rumored specifications for the so-called PS5 Pro, a revamped PS5 might be a 4K ray tracing powerhouse, according to the YouTube channel RedGamingTech. 

RedGamingTech claimed to have access to insider knowledge and stated that the processor's clock speed on the PS5 Pro may reach "well over 3.6GHz," exceeding the top speed of the vanilla PS5 of 3.5GHz. The GPU will supposedly be clocked at 2.7GHz, up from the PS5's current graphics processor's 2.2GHz in terms of graphical power. 

RedGamingTech further states that the PS5 Pro's total computing power is expected to be in the range of 23 teraflops (Tflops), which would represent a significant increase over the PS5's 10.28 Tflops and the Xbox Series X's 12 Tflops. 

While the two current-generation consoles described above can support 4K output and some ray tracing, the resolution is frequently variable, and the ray-traced illumination is constrained.

But more teraflops often equate to better graphics performance, thus the PS5 Pro may be anticipated to give locked 4K gameplay with a heavy dose of ray tracing. For comparison, Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3090 produces 35.58 Tflops and is a true 4K gaming graphics card that can do ray tracing without breaking a silicon sweat.

I don't anticipate the PS5 Pro to fully give blazing fast 4K ray tracing gaming at say 120 frames per second if this rumor is accurate — and do take it with a dose of skepticism — but it might see games locked at 60 fps. Or it may run the games that lack comprehensive ray tracing at a proper 120 frames per second to benefit from high-refresh-rate panels on displays like the LG C3 OLED.

The PS5 Pro is still very much a rumored device, possibly scheduled for release toward the end of this year or possibly early next year. We hope the firm does since it would be greatly welcomed if the finest PS5 games could be played at higher resolutions and improved frame rates.

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