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4 popular freelancing artificial intelligence gigs, one paying $100 per hour:

4 popular freelancing artificial intelligence gigs, one paying $100 per hour:

AI stays on to make headlines as businesses and people alike try to harness the power of new tools like ChatGPT to become more accurate at work and in life. And as a result of this technology, numerous new employment are emerging. According to Julia Pollak, chief economist of ZipRecruiter, "there is enormous need for people who are innovative, entrepreneurial, who quickly absorb new technology, and who find out how to use them. 

This has also occurred on the platform of the freelancing marketplace Fiverr. Yoav Hornung, head of verticals at Fiverr, notes that at the end of the previous year, the number of searches for all kinds of AI-related demands began to increase. These included the technical requirements for integrating it, as well as consulting, "a lot around AI video editing and prompt engineers," according to him.

These jobs are in high demand and can be quite lucrative. Here are four brand-new Fiverr AI gigs and the prices that independent contractors are asking for them.

AI consultant

AI consultants on Fiverr assist businesses in utilizing the power of AI by determining how it can benefit their operations, locating AI-focused solutions to their particular difficulties, and assisting them with AI-related tasks. According to Fiverr, searches for AI experts surged by almost 650% between January and July 2023. For ten hours of work, one AI consultant on the site charges $1000.

AI video editor 

These content producers employ AI technologies to improve the audio and visual aspects of videos, talk to still photos, change the backgrounds, add AI-generated voiceovers, and more. Between January and July 2023, searches for AI video editors surged by more than 625%. Each project for one creator might cost up to $1,120.

AI prompt engineer

In order to write effective blogs and articles, conduct research, and double-check the facts, prompt engineers help customize prompts for platforms like ChatGPT. On the app, one user can charge up to $100 for five prompts.

A.I. content editor

These editors assist in editing and proofreading AI-generated content like blog entries from ChatGPT. "I don't see it going away," says Angelique Rewers, CEO of the consulting business BoldHaus, of this and other hustles like AI content assistant. She thinks companies will continue to use them as content producers for a very long time. One of these editors costs up to $625 for each project.

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