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OMG 2 Movie Review:


OMG 2 Movie Review:

OMG 2 Story: After his son is expelled from school due to obscenity, Kanti Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi), a devout follower of Lord Shiva, is compelled to reevaluate both his personal beliefs and cultural norms around morality, religion, and sex.

Review of OMG 2: In a video posted online by an unidentified person, Kanti's disturbed teen son Vivek is shown masturbating (or "selfieing") in the school bathroom.

As soon as the video gets viral, the school dismisses Vivek (a brilliant Aarush Varma) in an effort to restore its name and image. Kanti makes the decision to depart with his family to an obscure area out of shame over his son's impolite behavior and concern for the public outcry. His son's attempts at suicide and deteriorating mental health as a result of bullying and humiliation force him to reassess his own perceptions of what it means to be a parent and an adult.

religious and devoted to God Kanti decides to file a lawsuit against the school for subjecting his son to mental abuse. He holds the prestigious school responsible for failing to respect the students' right to information and need for sex education. Kamini Maheshwari (Yami Gautam), an English-speaking attorney, is chosen by the school to represent the students. The latter contends that "masturbation is a sin," our conservative society is not yet ready for sex education, and there is a reason why private areas are referred to as private. 

The tale is based on their divergent points of view and verbal exchange in front of a rather lovable judge (Pavan Malhotra as Judge Purushottam Nagar). The way the courtroom scenes are shown in the movie does make some artistic license. Even if it's clear who is winning the legal conflict based on moral principles, it's still extremely fascinating.

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It's uncommon for sequels to surpass the original, but writer-director Amit Rai succeeds in this enormous feat with his smart and incisive courtroom comedy. OMG 2 is a spiritual successor to Umesh Shukla's 2012 film OMG - Oh My God! It hits the mark while tackling a delicate subject. Rai is entertaining, funny, and unafraid to take risks. His literature questions the established quo while upholding the dignity of the individual, the sanctity of religion, and Indian family values. His voice is progressive and his language is desi. The social dramedy has the audacity to start an awkward conversation. It exposes the shortcomings of parenting that have been long hidden under cultural masks.

In particular, it's a brave effort to comprehend the silence between desi parents and their children. How many of us feel at ease viewing a love scene in a movie with our parents present? Why are vagina and penis not referred as vagina and penis but rather given names? Why are menstrual cycles not discussed in schools? On the internet, porn is easily available, yet sex education is frowned upon. If males were more aware of their sexual wants and boundaries, may women feel safer in the nation?

Although the plot doesn't become didactic or lethargic during its 2 hours, 36 minute running duration, the first half is more suspenseful. Akshay Kumar, who appeared briefly in the last movie, is given a bigger role as the messenger of God in this one (after the CBFC amendment, his role was changed from playing God to his messenger). Expect strange dubbing in some places because there are at least 27 alterations done for Indian viewers. Given how significant this movie is for families and teenagers, the A classification is a problem. OMG 2 features an impressive ensemble cast.

 In his portrayal of a father split between remorse and rage, Pankaj Tripathi excels. Akshay makes an impression with his starry demeanor and hippy appearance. Since the two movies (OMG 2 and Gadar 2) compete for viewers' attention at the box office, he hummed "Udd jaa Kaale Kaava" from Gadar is a chef's kiss. Although Yami Gautam seems earnest, the use of over-the-shoulder camera angles to portray her as a frightening lawyer fails.

You can see how a movie can be enjoyable, socially meaningful, and educational by watching OMG2. To laugh heartily, you don't have to turn off your intellect. Bring your family to enjoy this intriguing fusion of humor and social insight.

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