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Buying a used Car in Georgia from an Individual

buying a used car in georgia from an individual

The legal process that must be followed can make the topic of how to purchase a secondhand car in Georgia seem complicated. It's not the same as buying or selling a bicycle from your neighbor for $50.

A bigger purchase like buying a car includes the following:

  1. legal documentation
  2. Changing your registration with the government
  3. dealing with an insurance provider
  4. occasionally working with a financial institution

Choosing What You Want and Where You Want to Buy

Before you start shopping, you should have a rough idea of two important decisions.
  1. Most of us have a dream car, but for one reason or another, it frequently doesn't fit into our lifestyle. You might not be able to buy it, it might not match your family's objectives, or it might not fit in your driveway. Whatever the reason, you should have a solid idea of what used car will best suit your daily habits and routines before you begin shopping. 
  2. The second choice you must make is whether to buy from a dealership or a private owner. Both options have benefits and drawbacks, and we'll discuss that a little further.

Buying from a Dealership

You have a lot of selections in one location, which is one benefit of buying from a dealership. The second benefit of buying from a dealership is that it will handle all the Department of Revenue (DOR) or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) paperwork for you if you don't know how to buy a used cars in Georiga.
The main thing you'll be worried about is whether you're getting a decent price and agreeing to something you desire. Never sign anything until you are certain that you will receive the precise car you believe you are signing for. Verify that all of the vehicle's specifications are accurate, that it has had the proper maintenance, and that any extras agreed upon have been installed or are specified in the contract you are going to sign (this includes the details of the warranty). 
A CarFax report or an AutoCheck report, as well as the title from the previous owner, should be available for inspection at all dealerships. This will provide you with detailed information about the vehicle, including if it has been in an accident, flood, or fire, the number of original miles on it, the former use of the vehicle, and the location of the vehicle prior to its arrival at the dealership. The major repair work reports, the suggested value of the car, and all maintenance check-ups will also be included in these reports. 
You should get a copy of everything you sign once you've chosen a car and are prepared to start signing documents. You should bring copies of any loans you obtained from the dealer's lenders. Obtain copies of every warranty, the final bill of sale, and anything else that is related to the acquisition of your new vehicle. You can bring a license plate you want to use with you, and the dealer will handle all the transfer paperwork. If not, they will see to it that you obtain one.

How to Buy a Used Car From a Private Owner in Georgia

When buying a car from a private seller, you should visually inspect everything, including the cargo space(s), behind the hood, inside the truck, and underneath the car for rust. Do a thorough visual inspection of the interior, paying particular attention to the center console, front seats, back seats, glove compartment, and under the seats.
There shouldn't be any justifications for a vendor to refuse you a test drive in addition to a full walk-through. Two things happen when you take a test drive:
  1. Making sure the car is the proper size for you. Make sure you enjoy the way the suspension feels, the ride height, the visibility, and everything else that would convince you that you could drive in that car easily every day.
  2. Next, make sure to check everything during the test drive. Do the dome lights, A/C, windows, wipers, brakes, instruments, power seats, etc. operate properly? Everything should function and appear to be in order, unless the seller made a disclosure to you before to your visual inspection and test drive.

Documents and Procedure When Purchasing From a Private Owner

This is where being able to purchase a used car in Georgia is useful. No matter how much you want a car, never pay anything before you see the title. Verify that the VIN numbers on the title and the vehicle must match by comparing them.
If the seller is prepared to sell the vehicle and you are certain that you will purchase it. The back of the title must be completed by the seller as well as by you; all fields are indicated and self-explanatory. The T-7 form, which is required next, can be retrieved from the internet. 

Visit to the DOR/DMV

The first thing you should do is get the vehicle's insurance in order. After that, you must go to the DOR/DMV to register the car.
When you come to visit, what do you need?
The vehicle title, properly filled out by the buyer and the seller.
  • The bill of sale (T-7 form)
  • Form MV-1, the Motor Vehicle Title/Tag Application, must be completed.
  • Confirmation of insurance
  • Evidence of residence
  • Method of payment
The original title charge is $18, the registration fee is $20 (for the majority of automobiles), the license plate fee is $20, and there is a sale tax fee based on the price of the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Car in Georgia

Who pays for the title transfer fee in Georgia?
In Georgia, the buyer must cover the title transfer charge when transferring a title. Additionally, the buyer is responsible for paying registration fees, sales taxes, and license plate fees.

What kind of insurance does my used car need?
Similar to new cars, used autos must have at least liability auto insurance. Shop around because pricing will vary depending on the insurance company. Georgia law mandates that you keep proof of your auto insurance in your vehicle. In Georgia, liability insurance is required. Collision, comprehensive, and gap insurance are optional but you may want to buy them.

How to protect yourself when buying a car privately?
We advise adopting the following procedures to safeguard yourself while purchasing a car privately:
  1. Never share your contact details.
  2. Deal exclusively with reputable sellers.
  3. To legally legitimize the transaction, have a bill of sale.
  4. Transfer the funds with PrivateAuto Pay
Purchasing a car privately on a safe website that provides these safeguards (like PrivateAuto) is the best way to protect yourself.

Is buying a car privately for cash a good idea?
Cash automobile purchases privately in Georgia might be a smart move, but only if you're doing so from a reputable vendor. Deals will be better if you choose a private party rather than a car dealership. PrivateAuto provides risk-free instant cash payments. 
When a buyer approves a fund transfer through our app, money promptly transfers from their PrivateAuto account into the seller's—24/7—through our PrivateAuto Pay service, which has a full banking connectivity.
Can foreigners buy a car in Georgia?
Yes! In Georgia, it is legal for foreigners to buy, sell, and rent automobiles. With just your passport, you may complete the process and either buy or sell a car in a matter of minutes.
When I buy a car from a private seller can I drive it home Georgia?
In Georgia, license plates are typically valid for seven days following purchase. However, if there is a backlog, you can seek a 30-day extension by contacting the DMV.
Do you pay tax on a private car sale in Georgia?
Technically, both new and secondhand car purchases in Georgia are exempt from sales tax. However, you should temper your joy because the state does levy a Title Ad Valorem tax at a rate of 7%. This one-time charge is determined by the car's worth, not by the purchase price.
How much will the ETR Service cost? around $25 each transaction. The Title & Registration Processing, the ETR Statutory Fee (charged by the GA Department of Revenue), the TOP Processing Charge, and the Scanning & Quality Assurance Fee are all included in this pricing.

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